Black Hair Dye Shampoo


  • No Fade Hair Color With Non-Stick Scalp, Plant-based Formulated with Natural Vegetable Oil, Protects Hair Damage,DYE YOUR HAIR WITH CONFIDENCE – Don’t let damage and roughness bring you down when treating your hair with new colors! Our coconut oil hair dye shampoo goes easy on your hair with care and makes them look more natural, smooth, and shiny.
  • NATURAL HERBAL FORMULA – With no ammonia, natural plant-based formula with vegetable oil & coconut, our black hair dye shampoo focuses on your hairs from roots to tips. Now, look fabulous with hair coloring, we care well for your hair so you can reveal your true shine
  • NO MORE HAIR LOSS – Hair color treatments can make your hair thin, and you can face mild to heavy hair loss. This hair dye shampoo is gentle on your hair to give you playful, bright, and shiny hairs with no more hair loss, damage, dry and dull hair.
  • NON STICK SCALP & EASY COLORING – Meme coconut hair dye shampoo is speedy and easy to use. Massage it onto hair till rich foam, then wait according to the shade and intensity you want. Rinse it off with water, use a conditioner or after-wash hair products like your routine and dry your hair.
  • NO COLOR FADING – Hair dyes look fantastic until they start fading and stain your collars and shoulders. With our color depositing shampoo dye, we assure you get easy hair coloring with no hair damage, no hair loss, and no hair color fading on your shirt or collar.
  • Hair type: Color Treated


Black Hair dye shampoo for men and women.

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